STORM Appraisal Service started as a dba company with old-line claims handling values and lineage that was always augmented by adoption of the latest technology.

STORMís responsibility ranged from your normal overload claims assignments to handling some of the largest catastropheís nationally. They covered the country but operated primarily in from the Rocky Mountains to the Mississippi River for a variety of insurance companies.

Starting in January 1993 Storm Appraisal Service was incorporated as Storm Appraisal and Management Service, Inc. and continued to cover the same territory and handle claims of the same type. STORM evolved from the catastrophe claims process to processing of physical damage claims in the Midwest to give their customer base the stability of a company that was always available for them.

Starting in 2000 STORM began experimenting with consulting on a variety of issues within the collision/insurance industry. They found that there was a definite need for industry experts who knew both the repair process but also the insurance process. Changes were taking place within the industry at such a rapid pace that the necessity of outside sources who kept up with these changes not only by education but by being active within the collision industry.

By 2005 a very large part of their work involved activities pertaining to the collision repair industry, issues that impacted that segment, and helping construct solutions to many problems. STORM also became active on the political front in advocating issues that impacted the collision industry.

STORM has evolved from itís beginning as a claims handling entity to a consumer advocate, collision industry consultant/advocate and lobbyist working on behalf of issues that effect all stakeholders in the collision industry.